Analyzing the Nonlinear System by Designing an Optimum Digital Filter named Hermitian-Wiener Filter

Qiaoyu Wang (Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Department, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Kai Kang (Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering Department, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Jiayi Meng (Faculty of Arts, Melbourne University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)


The classical Wiener filter was engaged into identifying the linear structures, resulting in clear and incredible drawbacks in working with nonlinear integrated system. Currently, the Hermitian-Wiener system are suitable for unpredicted sub-system that consists of numerous and complex inputs. The system introduces a two-stage to analyze the subintervals where the output nonlinearities are noninvertible, through using the unknown orders and parameters. Finally, a practical strategy would be discussed to analyze the nonlinear parameters.


Hermitian-Wiener filter;Nonlinearity subsystems;Frequency domain;Wiener systems

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