The formation of the electronic tornado is the basis of superconductivity

Binggong chang ()


The space-time ladder theory reveals that the formation of electronic tornadoes, or the formation of electronic dissipative structures, to be precise, the enhancement of electronic Energy Qi field is the basis of superconductivity. The surrounding area of the electronic tornado is expanding, which is the basis of the Meissner effect, and the center is contracting, which is the basis of the pinning force. When the attractive force of the Energy Qi field is greater than the Coulomb repulsive force, the electrons form a Cooper pair and release dark energy into virtual space-time. When the dark energy increases to a certain extent, the virtual space-time frees the Cooper pair and forms an electron-virtual space-time wave, which fluctuates freely in the superconducting material, which is the basis for the superconducting resistance to be zero. This is similar to the principle of a hot air balloon. The virtual space-time is hot air and the electron pair is a hot air balloon device. Conductor electrons are free and easy to emit dark energy, resulting in insufficient dark energy, and it is not easy to form electron-pair virtual space-time waves, so the superconducting critical temperature is very low. This is because the emission coefficient of the conductor is too high. Insulator electrons are not easy to emit dark energy and easily form electron-pair virtual space-time waves. Therefore, the superconducting critical temperature is slightly higher because of the low emission coefficient of the insulator. The solution of the Qi-space-time wave equation, that is, the coherence coefficient, is an important factor in superconductivity. In addition, the conditions under which tornadoes form are also an important basis for superconductivity. Finally, it is emphasized that the coherence coefficient and prevention of dark energy emission are the two most important elements for preparing superconducting materials.



Superconductivity, electronic tornado, zero resistance, Meissner effect, Josephson effect, Cooper pair virtual space-time wave, Energy Qi field force,Coherence coefficient

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