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Shizhong Ma, Shilong Zhu, Yujie Jiang

Article ID: 1657
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Abstract: This article first introduces the current research status of space optical communication, and gives a brief overview of the development and application prospects of space optical communication, explaining its important research significance. Then, the working principle of ATP in space optical communication system is studied, the mathematical model of ATP ...
Qing Hou, Guangjian Wang, Xiaozheng Wang, Jiaxi Xu, Yang Xin

Article ID: 1808
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Abstract: Big data analysis has penetrated into all fields of society and has brought about profound changes. However, there is relatively little research on big data supporting student management regarding college and university’s big data. Taking the student card information as the research sample, using spark big data mining technology and K-Means clustering alg...


Venus Kaur, Vasvi Khullar, Neha Verma

Article ID: 1591
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Abstract: This research service provides an original perspective on how artificial intelligence (AI) is making its way into the retail sector. Retail has entered a new era where ECommerce and technology bellwethers like Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Tencent have raised consumers’ expectations. AI is enabling automated decision-maki...
Jiaqi Wu, Qingda Zhang, Linlin Zhao

Article ID: 1650
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Abstract: For the diagnosis of diseases, modern medicine usually searches for diseases in the disease database to find the type of disease that matches them. The diagnosis of diseases is the first step in treatment. Then the classification of diseases is the basis of disease diagnosis. Disease classification plays an extremely important role in the scientific manag...