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Peter Simon Sapaty

Article ID: 2077
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Abstract: The paper describes the use of invented, developed, and tested in different countries of the high-level spatial grasp model and technology capable of solving important problems in large social systems, which may be represented as dynamic, self-evolving and distributed social networks. The approach allows us to find important solutions on a...
Yongfang Sun, Jianjun Li

Article ID: 2115
Views - 295  (Abstract) PDF - 132  (Download)
Abstract: Informationization plays an important role in modern life and production. And various software is one of the bases for it. Before it goes into service, software needs to go through many steps, including software development, design, etc. In software development, test is the key to identify and control bugs and errors in the software. Therefore, software c...
Kai Kang, Qiaoyu Wang, Jiayi Meng

Article ID: 2117
Views - 133  (Abstract) PDF - 31  (Download)
Abstract: In this paper, a new method for adjusting the current of three-phase voltage source DC-AC converter in orthogonal (DQ) reference frame is presented. In the DQ reference system, AC variable appears in the constant form of DC, making the controller design the same as the DC-DC converter [1]. It provides controllable gain benefits at the steady-state operati...
Zhongqiang Pan, Xiangjian Chen

Article ID: 2118
Views - 155  (Abstract) PDF - 32  (Download)
Abstract: Due to using the fuzzy clustering algorithm, the accuracy of image segmentation is not high enough. So one hybrid clustering algorithm combined with intuitionistic fuzzy factor and local spatial information is proposed. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm is superior to other methods in image segmentation accuracy and improves the robust...
Qiaoyu Wang, Kai Kang, Jiayi Meng

Article ID: 2135
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Abstract: The classical Wiener filter was engaged into identifying the linear structures, resulting in clear and incredible drawbacks in working with nonlinear integrated system. Currently, the Hermitian-Wiener system are suitable for unpredicted sub-system that consists of numerous and complex inputs. The system introduces a two-stage to analyze the subintervals w...