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Run Xu

Article ID: 1951
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Abstract: With regards to the assembly line of cost control of Dechang(HK) company, the motor housing’s cost control of process will be necessarily respected. Because the supply quantity is big in a machine the price of motor housing is small, so that the cost control of automatic production line is significant with modeling. It is found that the co...
Qiaoyu Wang, Shaofei zhang

Article ID: 2011
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Abstract: The report mainly analyzes whether the inverter system could improve the efficiency of converting new energy into factory electricity based on McLuhan's laws of media theory. Firstly, the report asserts the significance of using new energy and the importance of utilizing the inverter system to improve the power conversion of new energy in factories. Secon...
Gajendra Sharma, Birat Bade

Article ID: 2020
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Abstract: The global climate is changing due to anthropogenic activities such as industrialization, infrastructure development, deforestation etc. Expected effects of climate change include increase in global temperatures, rising sea levels, changing precipitation, melting of glaciers, less snowfall, expansion of deserts etc. Most ecosystems are affected by manmade...
Run Xu, Zhiqiang Chen

Article ID: 2045
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Abstract: The stall phenomenon which happens in loaded motor is unqualification in application. Meanwhile it may measure the maximum property of motor in manufacture. So the phenomenon is analyzed to find a simulation of electrical state to predict the maximum currency and torque which is a necessary method to be proceeded up to now before design.We find that the s...


Gbenga Bankole Folayan, Ibrahim Ademiloye

Article ID: 2023
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Abstract:The peculiar nature of control theory as a course that cut across a lot of major engineering disciplines calls for a look into how its learning can best be done without students feeling like they are wasting their time. This paper takes a look at control theory as subject cut across various engineering field and has a wide background that students must reall...