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Christian Mancas

Article ID: 2090
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Abstract: MatBase  is a prototype data and knowledge base management expert intelligent system based on the Relational, Entity-Relationship, and (Elementary) Mathematical Data Models. Dyadic relationships are quite common in data modeling. Besides their relational-type constraints, they often exhibit mathematical properties that are not covered by the Relat...
Zhanjun Ma, Xinting Zhang

Article ID: 2417
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Abstract: Due to the rapid development of society, public places, especially large shopping malls, are relatively frequent places for emergencies. Such emergencies not only seriously affect public security and property, but also bring great psychological pressure to citizens. Therefore, this study is of great significance for the exploration and study of public pla...
Guogang Lin, Yu Lin

Article ID: 2161
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Abstract:Under the condition that the laser can not be used bare fiber and the existing satellite is limited by electric energy and weight, the innovative wired magnetic fiber [1] cable, rich IP channel magnetic fiber receiver [2] and transponderless reflector satellite [3] technology combine with the existing technology to make the magnetic fiber superior to the opt...
Jun Jiang

Article ID: 2383
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Abstract: The short-wave HgCdTe thin film material was grown by liquid phase epitaxy on CdTe substrate, Adopt n on p injection bonding and function and flip-flop mixing process, With a low noise readout circuit, sealed with a high airtightness cellular-metal shell, Using a four-stage Thermo Electric Cooler (TEC),320×256 Short Wave Infrared Focal Plane Cooling Detec...
Lam Weng Siew, Lam Weng Hoe, Lee Pei Fun

Article ID: 2497
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Abstract:Since the telecommunications companies experience great competition, high churn rate, data traffic issues during the Covid-19 pandemic and the upgrade to 5G connectivity, the finance management of a telecommunications company should be analyzed to study the volatility and returns in the sector. This paper aims to develop a goal programming model to examine t...