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Yuning Song, Yuzhong Liu

Article ID: 3205
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Abstract: The problem of non-fragile dynamic output feedback H∞ control for a class of uncertain switched systems with time-varying delay is discussed. Firstly, the form of non-fragile dynamic output feedback H∞ controller is given. Under the condition that the upper bound of time delay and the upper bound of delay derivative are limited simultaneously, Lyapunov fu...
Swaib Kyanda Kaawaase, Rodney Ekisa Simon

Article ID: 3440
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Abstract: This paper presents a First responder emergency response tool (EMApp) as a step towards achieving integrated emergency care in developing countries, the case of Uganda. The EMApp prototype has potential to support health emergency response from various emergency stakeholders. This innovation is in line with strategic plans to embrace technologi...
Ahmad Al Cheikha, Ebtisam Haj Omar

Article ID: 3507
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Abstract: M-Sequences play a big important role, as the other binary orthogonal sequences, for collection the information on the input links and distribution these information on the output links of the communication channels and for building new systems with more complexity, larger period, and security, through multiplicat...
Rajinikanth Yella, Krishna Pande, Ke Horng Chen

Article ID: 3549
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Abstract: A novel architecture for Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) module using monolithic components on GaN is presented in this paper. The design of such a WPT module receives DC power from solar panels, consists of photonic power converter (PPC), beamforming antenna, low pass filter, input matching network, rectifier, outp...
Rajinikanth Yella, Krishna Pande, Ke Horng Chen

Article ID: 3550
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Abstract: Our goal is to develop THz module on chip to visualize bone grinding at the early stage so that arthritis can be visualized and treated early. A critical component of such module is antenna. A compact 4 by 4 beamforming antenna array for biomedical application is presented in this paper. We are proposing a novel a...