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Hiroaki Waraya, Masahiro Muraguchi

Article ID: 3569
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Abstract: With the rapid development of wireless systems, the demand for frequency resources has been increasing in recent years. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the high-quality communication method that efficiently utilizes finite frequency resources. In this paper, Single Sideband 16 Pulse Amplitude Modulation (SSB 16PAM) scheme for the uplink communicati...
Yuzhe Liu, Lidong Lin, Han Dong

Article ID: 3678
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Abstract: In this project, we investigated how ion thrusters produce propulsion and how the design of ion thrusters affects the performance of the thruster. In the experiment, we build a high voltage power supply (0- 50 kV) and foil rings to produce ion wind. When considering the design of the thruster, we focus on three variables: the volume of the space, where io...
Paul Sambo, Gilford T. Hapanyengwi, Tsitsi Zengeya

Article ID: 3722
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Abstract:COVID-19 effects have been felt in the education sector worldwide where schools, colleges, and universities were closed as a way to reduce the spread of the deadly pandemic and loss of lives. The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education. advocate that no child should be left behind during the COVID-19 era, therefore gave a directive for universities to use ...
Williams Miller Appau, Samson Akanvose Aziabah, Florence Abugtane Avogo

Article ID: 3692
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Abstract: Although land registration systems are constantly changing based on entrenched institutional frameworks, they cannot fulfill their technical objectives. Technical designs based on loopholes in the existing land registration system are the common steps in advanced countries. However, the missing link between the implementation of technical designs and thei...
Ahmad Al Cheikha, Ebtisam Haj Omar

Article ID: 3740
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Abstract: Mp-Sequences or M-Sequence over Fp not used so much in current time as binary M-Sequences and it is pending with the difficult to construct there coders and decoders of Mp-Sequences further these reasons there is expensive values to construct them but the progress in the technical methods will be lead to fast using these sequences in different life’s ways...