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Hailye Tekleselassie

Article ID: 4220
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Abstract: Digital signature schemes in general and representative collective digital signature schemes, in particular, are often built based on the difficulty of the discrete logarithm problem on the finite field, of the discrete logarithm problem of the elliptic curve, of the problem of factor analysis, of the problem of finding the roots modulo of large primes or...
Zhenhua Li

Article ID: 4279
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Abstract: In recent years, due to the rapid increase in the number of vehicles in the world, the traditional vehicles using gasoline or diesel as energy have led to serious air pollution and energy depletion. It is urgent to develop practical clean energy vehicles. The performance of electric vehicle depends on the power battery pack. The working temperature of the...
Jun Jiang

Article ID: 4232
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Abstract: Medium-wave HgCdTe thin films grown on germanium-based substrates by molecular beam epitaxy were treated by large area n-on-p injection junction and flip-flop mixing process. The chips interconnected with low-noise and multimodal options readout circuit composed a 1280×1024 Medium-wave Infrared Focal Plane Cooling Detector whose pixel spacing was 15 micro...
Nasr Abdalmanan Nasr Ali, Kamarulzaman Kamarudin, Chee Kiang Lam, Muhamad Safwan Muhamad Azmi, Abdul Halim Ismail, Norasmadi Abdul Rahim, Wan Mohd Nooriman Wan Yahya, Goh Kheng Sneah, Moey Lip Seng, Teoh Phaik Hai, Ong Thean Lye, Noor Zafira Noor Hasnan

Article ID: 4585
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Abstract: The fruit industry has been known as one of the largest businesses in Malaysia, where most of the fruits pass through the peeling process well in advance before the final product as juice in a bottle or slices in a can. The current industrial fruit peeling techniques are passive and inefficient by cutting parts of the pulp of the fruit with pee...