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Journal of Endocrinology Research is an international peer-reviewed journal operating under the open-access publishing model. The journal is focused on the promotion of research of the endocrine system, a vital component of the body’s self-regulatory function.

The scope of the Journal of Endocrinology Research includes, but is not limited to:

  • Endocrine structure
  • Endocrine glands
  • Endocrine cells
  • Hormones (reproduction/metabolism/growth/etc.)
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Reproductive endocrinology
  • Neuroendocrinology
  • Obesity
  • Adrenal disorders
  • Paediatric endocrinology

Submission Preparation Checklist

By submitting a manuscript to the journal, the Author(s) verifies that the following items have been met:
  1. The submission has not been previously published under another journal, or is currently under consideration for another journal.
  2. The submission format should be in Microsoft Word. Other word processing software may be considered.
  3. DOIs or URLs have been provided wherever possible in the Reference List.
  4. The document(s) have been formatted according to the requirements under Author Guidelines. The placement of illustrations, figures, graphs, tables, and equations have been integrated into the main manuscript.
  5. Instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review have been followed in order to comply with the double-blind peer review process employed.

Vol 4, No 2 (2022)

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José Filipe Melo, Gonçalo Borrecho, Noelia Martinez-Sánchez, Francisco Tortosa

Article ID: 4426
Views - 215  (Abstract) PDF - 40  (Download)
Abstract: The anterior pituitary gland regulates growth, metabolism, and reproduction by secreting hormones. Folliculo-stellate cells (FSC) are non-endocrine cells located among hormone-producing cells in the anterior pituitary glands, but little is known about the exact roles of those cells. Although, with their net organi...
Salma Ahi, Mohsen Adelpour, Bahareh Haghdoost, Ali Jaberi

Article ID: 4888
Views - 83  (Abstract) PDF - 11  (Download)
Abstract: Repeated blood transfusions in thalassemia patients is followed by endo crinopathies as diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, hypoparathy roidism, and disorders in calcium and vitamin D homeostasis. The aim of this study was to evaluate the association of beta-thalassemia patients endocrinopathies and osteoporos...


Margarida Marinho, Sílvia Rocha Rodrigues

Article ID: 4943
Views - 29  (Abstract) PDF - 4  (Download)
Abstract: Chronic stress is a consistent sense of feeling pressured and overwhelmed for a long period of time and it has been defined as a maladaptive state that is associated with altered hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis. The hyperactivity of the HPA axis is commonly assessed by cortisol levels. Physical activity ...

mini review

Onur Oral, Pınar Tatlibal, Evangelia Stavropoulou

Article ID: 4955
Views - 41  (Abstract) PDF - 5  (Download)
Abstract: Background : The study aims to investigate and evaluate the impact of irisin on physical activity and obesity. Materials and Methods : In the search for scientific literature related to this review the US National Library of Medicine (PubMed) used MEDLINE and SportDiscus data and th...



JER Volume 4, Issue 1 is now live


We are pleased to announce that Volume 4, Issue 1 (2022) of Journal of Endocrinology Research  has been published, and is currently available for download.

The process of collating and peer review for the next issue release has already begun.

If you have any manuscripts on hand that you are looking to have published with us, we would be glad to include it in the next issue. Moreover, if you know of any colleagues, or students under your direction who are looking to publish manuscripts, we would be glad to receive their manuscripts under your recommendation as well.

Posted: March 07,2022
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Special Issues


Special Issue: Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy-Call for papers


We are pleased to announce that our jounal currently are running a Special Issue: Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy. Dr Jiang-nan Wu (Fudan University, China) is servering as the Guest Editor. The submission deadline: 31 January 2023

Keywords: Maternal thyroid dysfunction; risk of gestational complications; maternal and fetal adverse outcome; Hyperthyroidism; subclinical hyperthyroidism; overt hypothyroidism; subclinical hypothyroidism; isolated hypothyroxinemia; isolated hyperthyroxinemia

Submission link:

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