Happy New Year!

Posted: 2019-12-31

JER Volume 1, Issue 2 is now live!


We are pleased to announce that Volume 1, Issue 2 (2019) of Journal of Endocrinology Research  has been published, and is currently available for download.

The process of collating and peer review for the next issue release has already begun.

If you have any manuscripts on hand that you are looking to have published with us, we would be glad to include it in the next issue. Moreover, if you know of any colleagues, or students under your direction who are looking to publish manuscripts, we would be glad to receive their manuscripts under your recommendation as well.

Posted: 2019-12-06

Little-known protein appears to play important role in obesity and metabolic disease The recently discovered protein is normally abundant in fat; without it, the body struggles to manage glucose and insulin

With unexpected findings about a protein that's highly expressed in fat tissue, scientists have opened the door to critical new understandings about obesity and metabolism. The discovery could lead to new approaches for addressing obesity and potentially many other diseases.(Scripps Research Institute)  
Posted: 2019-11-22

Biology of leptin, the hunger hormone, revealed

New research offers insight into leptin, a hormone that plays a key role in appetite, overeating, and obesity. The findings advance knowledge about leptin and weight gain, and also suggest a potential strategy for developing future weight-loss treatments, they said.(Yale University)  
Posted: 2019-11-15

Molecule links weight gain to gut bacteria

In the study, published this week by Science, Dr. Lora Hooper and her research team found that the commensal, or good, bacteria that live in the guts of mammals program the metabolic rhythms that govern the body's absorption of dietary fat. Dr. Hooper, Chair of Immunology and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, is senior author of the study.(UT Southwestern Medical Center)  
Posted: 2019-11-08

Happy New Year

Posted: 2019-01-04

Celebrate the birth of the new journal Journal of Endocrinology Research


Article Processing Charge (APC) of Journal of Endocrinology Research Has Been Waived For its First 2 Issues

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