New Paradigm in Nutrition Practice – Initial Findings From Ntuitive Software

Priya Karkera (Pediatric Nutritionist PhD(Research Scholar), FCPN (Philadelphia), Pediatric Critical Care(Boston Children's Hospital) FODMAP Dietitian (Monash Australia) Head -Chief Nutrition Officer-Nutrition - Fitterfly Technologies Hon. Pediatric Nutritionist - LTMG Visiting Pediatric Nutritionist - Apollo Hospital (Navi Mumbai) Visiting Pediatric Nutritionist - Surya Hospital Mumbai)
Arbinder Singal (CEO - Fitterfly Technologies , Navi Mumbai, India)
Jayesh Sawant (Co- Founder Fitterfly Technologies, Navi Mumbai, India)
Shailesh Gupta (Fitterfly (Salvem Health Pvt. Ltd.), Navi Mumbai, India)

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Nutrition practice in India has generally been confined to pen and paper with little use of algorithms and technology. Nutritionists in practice find it difficult to go beyond macronutrient analysis for dietary intake or diet plans. Since nutrition practice requires lot of data processing, we decided to develop software to aid in these calculations and to empower nutritionist with technology enabled scientific practice using software.


Ntuitive software was developed by a team of nutrition experts and technologists over a period of 18 months. Data for nutrient values was sources from IFCT 2017 [6], RDA’s were taken from ICMR guidelines and growth charts from IAP publications [7]. Design and coding of the software was done inhouse. Ntuitive database has over 8500 recipes and packed foods and has most of the national and international cuisine items. The software module enables client / patient management, detailed profiling, recording anthropometric data and plotting on WHO and IAP growth charts, recording food allergies and medical condition. The dietary recall be it one day, three day or seven day can be easily recorded and analysis of nutrients can be obtained for the same. The software is hosted on Amazon Web Server and applied as SAAS platform for practice.


800 children and adults underwent analysis and consultation using Ntuitive software. All 189 micronutrients could be calculated using the software and deficiency or excess quantified when compared with RDA.


Nutrition practice can be made easy and technology enabled keeping in mind scientific standards. This helps in data collection not just in macro nutrients, but also in micronutrients.


Ntuitive software; IFCT; WHO and IAP growth charts; RDA; ASPEN, NIN; Nutrition; Technology; Diet plans

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