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Journal of Economic Science Research is an international open-access journal specializing in the field of economic science. The journal is focused on the interaction of the various economic agents, and their effects and input in the global economy.

The scope of the Journal of Economic Science Research includes, but is not limited to:

  • Economic theory
  • Monetary theory
  • Game theory
  • Econometrics
  • Supply and demand
  • Resources, environment and ecological economy
  • Economic policy and regulations
  • National and international income distribution
  • International trade
  • Industrial organization
  • Finance
  • Labor economics
  • Political economy
  • Public finance
  • International economics
  • Development economics

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Volume 5, Issue 3 (2022)

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Xiadong Qiu

Article ID: 4802
Views - 34  (Abstract) PDF - 12  (Download)
Abstract: Based on the long tail model, this paper assumes a new form of mutual change between producers and consumers and obtains a consumption and production economic model adapted to the modern market economy, and carries out practical verification of the model. The conclusion is that the main body of the future market economy will change from producers to consu...
Yihang He, Yichi Zhang, Zhiqiang Lan

Article ID: 4962
Views - 34  (Abstract) PDF - 11  (Download)
Abstract:  Market traders buy and sell volatile assets frequently, with a goal to maximize their total return. There is usually a commission for each purchase and sale. Two such assets are gold and bitcoin. In order to solve the existing issues of purchases between gold and bitcoin, given that we have 1,000 USD, what strategies should we take to maximize our profit...
Sheng Wang, Yuan Feng

Article ID: 5035
Views - 28  (Abstract) PDF - 7  (Download)
Abstract: Solid waste and carbon dioxide are important elements of environmental governance. Under the background of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, the research on whether and how to promote the construction of “no waste cities” and carbon emission reduction is of great significance in China. The generation of solid waste and greenhouse gases such as c...
Zhouhe Li

Article ID: 5042
Views - 39  (Abstract) PDF - 10  (Download)
Abstract: With the completion of the strategic vision of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way in 2020, China’s economic development has entered a new normal. The concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development will lead China’s economic progress and development. However, the development of urban and rur...



What is the relationship between domestic saving, investment and economic growth?


Economic growth is defined as the increment in the inflation-adjusted market value of the goods and services produced by an economy in a particular time period. Economic growth represents the country’s socioeconomic wellbeing and quality of life in terms of financial value. This is an indicator to shows how the nation economically developed and stable. Generally, economic development or growth is measure as the percentage increase in the real gross domestic products (GDP). Economic deeds are interconnected with almost all the activities that human being performed and the economic theory is the central theory of development, politics, policy practicing, productions, distributions, consumptions, and many more theories existing and was practiced in the past as well. 

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