The Research on Shadow Banking System in China

Xu Chen (Dalian University of Technology, 116024,Dalian City, Liaoning Province)
Shuwen Chen (Dalian University of Technology, 116024,Dalian City, Liaoning Province)

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The shadow banking system has grown stronger in the process of evading supervision. Together with traditional commercial banks, it has become an important participant in the financial system, which has caused a fundamental change in the structure of the global financial system. As an exogenous reform force in China’s special period, Shadow Bank has become an important channel for financial resources to “disconnect from reality”. Despite the lack of substantial securitization, China’s shadow banking system has developed rapidly. This paper analyzes the development motivation.This paper believes that the scope of China’s shadow banking system can be defined according to the nature of the fund supply side.


Shadow bank system; Financial stability; Capital supply side

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