The Contribution and Prospect of 5G Technology to China's Economic Development

Jiawen Fu (College of Innovative Education Base, North China University of Technology, Tangshan, 063200, Hebei, China)
Can Liu (College of Innovative Education Base, North China University of Technology, Tangshan, 063200, Hebei, China)
Yan Chen (College of Enocomics, North China University of Technology, Tangshan, 063200, Hebei, China)

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Since the birth of 5G, it has attracted much attention from all countries in the world. The development of 5G industry is particularly important for domestic economic development. 4G changes life, 5G changes society. 5G will not only accelerate the speed of people surfing the Internet, but also bring revolutionary changes to all aspects of social life, making people's lives, work and entertainment more convenient and diverse. The economic impact of the development of the 5G industry on China cannot be underestimated. Nowadays, information and communication technology has increasingly become a new driving force for economic development. 5G technology has already become a key technology pursuit for countries to compete for the status of world power, and it has also become an indispensable part of contemporary economic and social development. We should give full play to the government's guiding role, and work with network giants to build a new platform for cooperation, promote coordinated industrial development, achieve win-win results, and promote economic and social prosperity and development.


5G; Collaborative development; Innovation

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