Research on the Development Path of Zigong Salt Culture and Creative Industry in the Era of Digital New Media

Bingjie Zhang (Sichuan University of Science & Engineering, Zigong, Sichuan, 643000, China)

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Salt culture is the main component of traditional culture in Zigong,Sichuan.With centuries of history, it has accumulated rich cultural connotations. At present, Zigong salt culture, as a precious traditional cultural wealth, has taken cultural and creative industries as a new carrier of communication in the rapid development of digital new media technology, giving full play to the resource advantages of its traditional culture. This article focuses on the study of the development path of Zigong salt cultural and creative industry in the new digital media era. Combining digital new media technology with cultural and creative industries, Zigong salt culture actively uses virtual technology to realize the innovative development of cultural and creative industries, promote the cultivation of cultural and creative brands based on digital new media technology. This article aims to give relevant strategies with reference value, so as to make corresponding contributions to the development path of Zigong salt culture in the future.


New media era ;Zigong salt culture ;Cultural and creative industries ;Development path ;Virtual technology

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