Analysis of Political Economy of People’s Livelihood Improvement

Tiancai Xing ()
Yutao Wang ()

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The issue of improvement of people’s livelihood has always been the focus of the party’s work. It is the starting point and the foothold of a well-off society and would decide whether it is possible to truly build a comprehensive well-off society. The improvement of the level of productivity has led to the emergence of surplus products in the society and the material basis for the improvement of people’s livelihood, which is explained from the perspective of production. How to distribute the surplus products produced, whether it can benefit all the people, or concentrate only in the hands of a few capitalists, this involves the social nature of the production relationship. This paper analyzes the improvement of people’s livelihood by the principle of political economy, and proposes corresponding suggestions for improvement of people’s livelihood from the perspective of Marxist people’s livelihood. 


Comprehensive well-off society; Improvement of people’s livelihood; Political economy; Marxist view of people’s livelihood

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