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Tenkovskaya Lyudmila Igorevna

Article ID: 1080
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Abstract: The gross domestic product of Russia, expressed in US dollars, indicates problems in the Russian economy associated with the decline in oil prices on the world energy market and the consequences of the sanctions of the United States and the European Union against Russia. The crisis situation of the Russian economy has a negative impact on the income of th...
Yu Guo

Article ID: 1120
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Abstract: With the implementation of China’s reform and opening up policy and China’s successful accession to the World Trade Organization, more and more overseas financial institutions are participating in various Chinese banks, and the amount of investment is also expanding. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the impact of overseas financial institu...
Xu Chen, Shuwen Chen

Article ID: 1152
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Abstract: The shadow banking system has grown stronger in the process of evading supervision. Together with traditional commercial banks, it has become an important participant in the financial system, which has caused a fundamental change in the structure of the global financial system. As an exogenous reform force in China’s special period, Shadow Bank has become...


Qingyang Xu

Article ID: 838
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Abstract: This proposal expresses a standpoint concerning a discussion for the phenomenon of a poor sense of copyright in Chinese youth netizens and the suggestion. The phenomenon of a poor sense of copyright in Chinese youth netizens has disadvantages. By analyzing it, a clear status of Chinese youth netizens' problems on the poor sense of copyright will be shown....
Guaili Zhang

Article ID: 1103
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Abstract: This paper analyzes the three big impact in the development of Chinese banking industry and discusses the limitations of financial innovation of Chinese banking industry. The results showed that: (1) deepening the banking system innovation to adapt to the new situation; (2) improving customers’ experience by deepening model innovation of the internet fina...