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Noula Armand Gilbert, Chouafi Nguekam Orfé, Kamajou François

Article ID: 1066
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Abstract: This study evaluates the simultaneous impact of public and private investments on economic growth in the CEMAC zone between 1984 and 2017.To attain this aim, we use the Vector Error Correction Model (VECM) to test the direction of causality between the three variables above at the level of each country. We find that the direction of causality is not the s...
Haifeng Li, Haiyi He, Yuanyuan Zhang

Article ID: 1557
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Abstract: As an innovative financing behavior, equity pledge breaks the limit of traditional financing, and broadens the financing channels of companies and major shareholders. This paper comprehensively considers the impact of controlling shareholder equity pledge on corporate value from three research perspectives. The main conclusions are as follows: (1) When th...
Stephen Lumpkin, Sebastian Schich

Article ID: 1113
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Abstract: This report presents an analytical framework for exploring the implica tions of Fintech innovations for incumbent banks and for provision of the financial safety net. The focus is on “digital banking initiatives”, that is, on Fintech initiatives that provide retail financial services akin to those traditionally pr...


Valentina Bondarenko

Article ID: 1402
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Abstract: The article shows that the foundation of the digital economy can be a new paradigm for predicting the future from the future, i.e. from the future in which the development goal has already been achieved. This allows to minimize all costs and completely avoid incorrect system solutions of the existing trial-and-error approach. Using the achievements of the...