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Danladi Jonathan Dastu, Faweya Kolapo Vincent

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Abstract:The objectives of this paper are to examine the nexus between financial liberalization, balance of payment and economic growth in Nigeria. The scope of this study due to data availability, especially on measures of balance of payment, covers the period of 1986-2017. This study adopts econometrics techniques of analysis by using Panel Unit Root Tests and Co-i...
Yi Liu, Xiaoyu You, Chunshuo Zhang

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Abstract: Abstract: The future development of cities has a great relationship with economic vitality. To determine the size of the economic vitality and its main influencing factors. This article takes some cities in China as examples. First, determine the main factors. Aiming at many factors, this paper starts from the perspective of population ch...
Dan Zhao, Zhi Zhao, Zening Chen

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Abstract: Regional economic vitality reflects the scale and development potential of a region’s economy. It largely determines the development of the city, and is also affected by many factors such as population competitiveness, corporate competitiveness, market vitality, innovation vitality, and environmental vitality. A pilot model was constructed...
Yidan Wang, Jiaxing Wang, Jingli Fan, Yuhui Xia, Xian Zhang

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Abstract: In recent years, renewable energy has taken on an increasingly important role as a result of the depletion of traditional fossil fuels and the pressure of climate change. Due to the advantages of clean energy production and wide availability, research on renewable energy has increased worldwide. We collected data from the Web of Science  and the <...
B. J. Liyanapathirana, R.P.K. C.M. Ranasinghe

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Abstract: Sri Lanka is considered a highly fluctuating economy in the South Asian region. It is vital to understand the behavior of economy in order to obtain the maximum benefit. Stock market can be considered as one of the key influencers to the economy whereas the behavior of the stock market would highly define the behaviors of the overall econo...