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Koffi Pokou

Article ID: 753
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Abstract: The development of Ivorian public debt in recent years has raised concerns. Is its current level capable of boosting the economy or, on the contrary, being at the source of a recession? This paper analyzes the effect of the level of indebtedness on economic growth in Côte d’Ivoire using the Threshold Autoregressive (TAR) model over the per...
Run Xu

Article ID: 1786
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Abstract: The screw threading produce is a important process course. The economics modeling is established in this paper so this process will be investigated. In this paper modeling of process is analyzed. The Q and cost decreases with the increasing quantity while the same turn as  AC>AFC>MC is found. AC and AFC is main factors to affect quantity then MC do....
Huiwen Ma, Yiming Cai

Article ID: 1897
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Abstract: Overall level of export fluctuations of the export-oriented countries with rising export volume partly stem from the market failure caused by free choice of export enterprises, some government intervention thus may be necessary. To reduce the level of fluctuations of the export growth rates in these countries, this paper, taking the significant difference...
Jiayue Jiao, Wenzhang Wan, Guoqing Zhao

Article ID: 1829
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Abstract:   Economic vitality is an important indicator of regional competitiveness. The demand for talents and the vitality of enterprises in different regions are obvious to all and have practical significance. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a survey data model and conduct in-depth study on improving regional economic vitality from t...


Can Liu, Jiawen Fu, Miaomiao Xia

Article ID: 1705
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Abstract: This article mainly studies the current status of the operation of the “burning money model” of Internet products, expounds and analyzes the disadvantages of this operating model, studies the practical effects brought by the “burning money model”, and explores the development direction of future Internet products. Domestic scholars have done a lot of rese...
Jiawen Fu, Can Liu, Yan Chen

Article ID: 1706
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Abstract: Since the birth of 5G, it has attracted much attention from all countries in the world. The development of 5G industry is particularly important for domestic economic development. 4G changes life, 5G changes society. 5G will not only accelerate the speed of people surfing the Internet, but also bring revolutionary changes to all aspects of social life, ma...