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Zhengliang Zhang, Shijian Wu, Jia Liu, Shujian Zhang

Article ID: 2626
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Abstract: Hong Kong has a long history with its high efficiency and clean and self-disciplined government. Within the past over 20 years, different social development trend has occurred in Hong Kong. The article observed the relationship between political trust from residence and public service efficiency of government in Hong Kong from 1992 to 2015 and found that ...
Yuxiang Zheng, Yue Zhu

Article ID: 2651
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Abstract: Taking 13 prefecture-level cities in Jiangsu Province as the research object, based on the theory of spatial dislocation, the gravity model and two-dimensional composite matrix method are used to analyze the spatial dislocation between tourism resources, permanent population and other factors in Jiangsu Province and tourism revenue. The results show that ...
Wenxiu Wang, Yi Ding

Article ID: 2696
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Abstract: A dynamic pricing model was established based on forecasting the demand for container handling of a specific shipping company to maximize terminal profits to solve terminal handling charges under the changing market environment. It assumes that container handling demand depends on the price and the unknown parameters in the demand model. The maximum quasi...
Kingsley Appiah, Rhoda Appah, Oware Kofi Mintah, Benjamin Yeboah

Article ID: 2716
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Abstract: The study scrutinized correlation between electricity production, trade, economic growth, industrialization and carbon dioxide emissions in Ghana. Our study disaggregated trade into export and import to spell out distinctive and individual variable contribution to emissions in Ghana. In an attempt to investigate, the study used time-series data set of Wor...


Leonard Mushunje

Article ID: 2700
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Abstract: Stock price volatility is considered the main matter of concern within the investment grounds. However, the diffusivity of these prices should as well be considered. As such, proper modelling should be done for investors to stay healthy-informed. This paper suggest to model stock price diffusions using the heat equation from physics. We hypothetically sta...