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Samwel Alananga Sanga

Article ID: 1359
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Abstract: The 2008 financial crisis raised concerns over the performance of public sector organisations operating under different cost recovery regimes. These concerns were linked to potential failure in attaining cost recovery targets as a result of declining revenues during economic downturn. This study utilised the Linear Mixed Effect (LME) model...
Yuxiang Zheng, Xiu Chen

Article ID: 2956
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Abstract: The ocean has become a new theme of the world economic competition. The development of marine industry is an inevitable measure to stabilize the sustainable and healthy development of China’s national economy. As a leading industry of marine economy, marine tourism has great potential for development.Marine tourism products are the foundation and power so...
Aoulad Hosen

Article ID: 2698
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Abstract: This paper applies panel unit root test, country Pedroni cointegration test (PCT), Phillips-Peron cross section test (PPCST), vector error correction test and Johansen normalized cointegrating test (JNCT) for estimates the coefficients in the short-run and in the long-run to examine the inter-temporal relationship between the government re...
Yang Yue, Haomiao Niu, Zhaoyun Gu

Article ID: 2775
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Abstract: To assess the economic impact of the different policies of the Trump and Biden candidates, we formulate metrics on five aspects: Covid-19 prevention and control measures, environmental protection policies, taxation, health care reform, foreign trade. Moreover, each metric is subdivided into several secondary metrics, making a three-tier hi...


Danlin Ruan

Article ID: 2927
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Abstract: This paper briefly summarizes the current situation of China’s Sharing Economy(SE) during the COVID-19 pandemic, then analyzes new challenges and opportunities that it currently faces in different fields, and expounds its role in China’s economic development in the future. Based on various data and findings, this paper finally points out the way forward f...