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SALEH Abdullahi, JIBO Mohammed Ibrahim, AHMAD Muhammad El-hafeez, BAKO Bulus Danladi, MUHAMMAD Abbas Muhammad

Article ID: 3127
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Abstract: The study examined profitability of tomato production in Yamaltu-Deba Local Government Area of Gombe State. A three-stage sampling technique was used to select 96 tomato producers. Data were collected using a structured questionnaire and were analysed using descriptive statistics, farm budget model, and t-test analysis. The results reveale...
Oumar Keita, Baorong Yu

Article ID: 3147
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Abstract: The recent economic and financial hardship has resuscitated controversies over the role of Foreign Capital in economic growth and welfare enhancement in emerging nations, particularly in Guinea. The literature that scrutinizes the causal interaction among FDI and poverty alleviation is relatively abundant, the fundamental statement shared by these empiric...
Omer Allagabo Omer Mustafa

Article ID: 3243
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Abstract: The relationship between wage inflation and unemployment (Phillips Curve) is controversial in economic thought, and the controversy is centered around whether there is always a trade-off or not. If this relationship is negative it is called The short-run Fillips Curve. However, in the long run, this relationship may probable not exist. The matter of how i...
Sudan Kumar Oli, Yuantao Xie

Article ID: 3359
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Abstract:This study examines the relationship between domestic savings, investment, and economic growth in Nepal by using time series data covering from the period 1975 to 2019. The vector error correction model (VECM) has been used to investigate the long-run and short-run causal relationship between the variables. The Johansen cointegration test results confirmed t...
Yan Liu

Article ID: 3331
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Abstract: The study of spatial econometrics has developed rapidly and has found wide applications in many different scientific fields, such as demography, epidemiology, regional economics, and psychology. With the deepening of research, some scholars find that there are some model specifications in spatial econometrics, such as spatial autoregressive (SAR) model an...


Saoussen Aguir Bargaoui, Fethi Zouheir Nouri

Article ID: 3120
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Abstract: The evolution of man and nature relationship during human history has allowed human beings to be sheltered from the threats of their natural environments and has permitted them to exercise their powers there but has against part the breakdown of this relationship because of the excessive exploitation of natural resources, discharges and waste that cause n...