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Kebo Jiang

Article ID: 261
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Abstract: With the continuous development of the world’s financial economy, the financial system presents a certain complexity. The traditional economic qualitative analysis method can no longer meet the needs of the development of financial economy. Under this background, economic mathematics combining quantitative and qualitative analysis are gradually widely use...
Caiyong Guo

Article ID: 262
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Abstract: The intellectual property system is protected and recognized by national laws and plays an important role in intellectual property law. It not only provides intellectual property owners with exclusive and exclusive intellectual property rights, but also imposes certain restrictions on the rights of intellectual property owners. Therefore, this restriction...
Guoshen Yuan

Article ID: 263
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Abstract: With the continuous development of China’s economy, the financial industry has also achieved great development. Consumer finance is not only an important part of China’s economy, but also plays an important role in regulation and assistance in social and economic development. From the perspective of labor economics, the exploration and research of consump...
Tiancai Xing, Yutao Wang

Article ID: 264
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Abstract: The issue of improvement of people’s livelihood has always been the focus of the party’s work. It is the starting point and the foothold of a well-off society and would decide whether it is possible to truly build a comprehensive well-off society. The improvement of the level of productivity has led to the emergence of surplus products in the society and ...
Pingle Deng

Article ID: 265
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Abstract: The international movement of economic reform has had an important impact on economic development worldwide, and the development of theoretical economics has also been affected. Based on this, the article expounds the specific connotation and consequences of the international movement of economic reform, and analyzes the characteristics of the development...