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Shujian Zhang, Jiao Guo

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Chao Gao

Article ID: 3746
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Abstract: In the face of the impact of the epidemic on the industrial chain and supply chain, it is an inevitable requirement for industrial development to ensure the dynamic balance of the supply chain. Supply chain is the basis for the generation of industrial chain. Industrial linkage can promote the rational layout of industries. The operation mode of supply ch...
Kangping Wu, Mengtao Wu

Article ID: 3796
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Abstract: Human capital, as a synthesis of wisdom and physical fitness condensed in workers, is sometimes confused with technological innovation by existing literature. This paper makes comparisons between these two terminologies. Technological innovation is a short-term activity that attaches importance to economic benefits while human capital accumulation is a lo...
He Huang, Ailun Liang, Shiqi Fang, Jiexuan Chen, Wenbiao Li, Yuyang Ma, Yuchun Wang, Chien Chi Chu

Article ID: 4105
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Abstract: With the development of urban-rural integration in China, the functional value of homestead bases has evolved from a single residential security value to a multiple composite values, and the property income of homestead bases has gradually become the value driver of transfer and the intrinsic demand of farm households. This paper takes Baitafan of Jinzhai...
Aoulad Hosen

Article ID: 3867
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Abstract: This article examines the public revenue and expenditure patterns and its nexus of a few countries. This paper employs panel unit root, panel cointegration and Vector Error Correction Model to analyze the inter-temporal association among the variables of government revenues, expenditures and the growth of GDP through the panel data of ten divergent nation...