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Abdoul Azizou OUMAROU DAN-BAKI, Mamane TARNO

Article ID: 444
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Abstract: This article studies the economic profitability of the millet production in a context of adaptation to climatic changes by considering the techniques of adaptation to soil protection, namely, low wall girdles tree and half-moon in order to determine their impact on the economic profitability of the production of this cereal. <p align="j...

Article ID: 449
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Abstract: The purpose of this article is to analyze the effectiveness of a pollution management system through individual permits that are distributed to young people with overlapping generations. From a general equilibrium model, the results show that such a system provides the conditions for optimal pollution management. But because of the non-coo...
Mamadou Abdoulaye KONTE, Gnalenba ABLOUKA, Paoli BEHANZIN

Article ID: 447
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Abstract: The main objective of this research is to evaluate the impact of climate change on food crop yields in Senegal using the Factor Augmented Vector Auto Regression (FAVAR) approach. The estimation method used is principal components analysis. We identified two major shocks representative of climate change. The first is an increase of temperature ( the...


Method Julius Gwaleba

Article ID: 389
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Abstract: Land use conflicts are complex disputes that contribute at large in terms of negative social and economic impacts within the heterogeneous societies. The mechanisms of success for land use conflict resolution still need further research because of various mindsets of the people. In this paper, the issues of land conflicts between farmers and pastoralists ...
Valentina Bondarenko, Ivan Aleshkovski

Article ID: 468
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Abstract: The article analyses development regularities of human system and investigates possible social and economic development models in the era of digital transformation. The article demonstrates that there are three models that can be applied in the conditions of Industry 4.0 technological revolution with its rapidly emerging digital devices an...