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Eric Martial Etoundi Atenga

Article ID: 450
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Abstract: This paper employs multivariate GARCH to model conditional correlations and to examine volatility spillovers and hedging possibilities with nonferrous metals traded on the London Metal Exchange (LME) market. Three different multivariate GARCH models (diagonal, CCC and DCC) are employed and contrasted. The nonferrous metals studied are copper, aluminum, ti...
Sebastian Schich

Article ID: 474
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Abstract: Debt-to-GDP measures in major OECD countries are at historical highs and a considerable part of sovereign debt needs to be refinanced soon, while projections of real GDP growth are fairly weak and uncertain and assessed sovereign credit quality has declined. Against this, the OECD Committee on Financial Markets discussed proposals for sovereign debt manag...
Abeer Hassan, Yvonne Bamurange, Monika Foster, Kieran James

Article ID: 427
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Abstract: This research is an explanatory study of the learning experience of international students when they come to study at UK. Survey collected from both undergraduate and postgraduate students who are studying at the University of The West of Scotland (UWS).  The survey consisted on many dimensions such as selection and admission, pre arrival ...


Said El Noshokaty

Article ID: 428
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Abstract: The purpose of this review is to summarise the existing literature on the operational systems as to explain the current state of understanding on the coupled operational systems. The review only considers the linear optimisation of the operational systems. Traditionally, the operational systems are classified as decoupled, tightly coupled, and loosely cou...
haibo zhu

Article ID: 678
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Abstract: With the deepening of urban and rural planning, in the new period, if rural financial development wants to adapt to the development trend of society, it needs to carry out corresponding innovations to improve the rural economy and promote urban and rural construction. This paper mainly analyzes the necessity of rural financial innovation in the new period...