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Constanta Zoie Radulescu, Marius Radulescu

Article ID: 661
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Abstract: In this paper, a software for management and decision support in a fish farm is presented. The software called AQUAM is dedicated to fresh water fish farms. Its aim is to make an efficient management of resources through planning, monitoring, analysis and decision support. Successful planning and management requires the integration of data related to pond...
Debapriyo Mukherjee, Mayank Soni, Koel Bhattacharya Sanyal, Gadadhar Dash

Article ID: 851
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Abstract: The study was carried out to find the prevalence of ectoparasites in carp species specifically Indian Major Carps (IMC) during the post monsoon season (November’16 to March’17). Four groups of ectoparasites viz. myxozoan, ciliophoran, monogenean and crustacean were recorded from a total 500 number of  carp species like, Labeo rohita , Catla ca...
Md. Abdul Wahab, Md. Jimi Reza, Mir Mohammad Ali, Md. Nahiduzzaman, Michael J. Phillips

Article ID: 882
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Abstract: A fishers’ women-led Participatory Action Research (PAR) was conducted in 30 homestead ponds to assess the potential for polyculture of Tilapia ( Oreochromis niloticus ) and major carps Rohu ( Labeo rohita ) and Catla ( Catla catla ) in two coastal fishing villages of Bangladesh. Three treatments, namely T 1 (Tilapia 200 fis...
Anthony D. Hawkins

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Abstract: In recent years there has been increasing concern over the state of fish stocks, especially those that support key fisheries and supply food to many consumers. There is also concern over the state of aquatic environments, and the effects of climate change. Fisheries management is controlled by government agencies, often cooperating with si...


Chona Camille VinceCruz-Abeledo, Ayra Patricia S. Alvero, Denis Dyvee R. Erabo

Article ID: 890
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Abstract: Changes in seaweed biodiversity reflect ecological changes and management of coastal communities. Calatagan Bay is a tourism, agriculture and aquaculture hotspot fronting the Verde Island Passage, touted to be the global center of marine biodiversity. Detection of stressors through monitoring is the key in the proper management of the area. This study sur...