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Eleni Kaimakoudi, Christina Sepetzoglou

Article ID: 1108
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Abstract: This study analyses the marketing program implementation in Greek fisheries firms. In this perspective, quantitative research with personal interviews to fisheries firms’ executives is elaborated. Data were analyzed elaborating cluster and discriminant analysis. Findings reveal that there are two distinct groups of Greek fisheries firms regarding their de...
Julia Chen Rinaldi, James Hench, M. Zachary Darnell, Matthew Kukurugya, Daniel Rittschof

Article ID: 1095
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Abstract: In their ranges on east and south coasts of the Americas as well as their established invasions in the Adriatic and Baltic, blue crabs, Callinectis sapidus,  inhabit estuaries, sounds and coastal oceans and are commercially and ecologically important. How crabs move in response to physical variables is important to management. We monitored life st...
Sumeera Malik, Ayaz Hussain Qadri, M. Y. Laghari, P. K. Lashari, Hameeda Kalhoro, A. R. Khooharo, N. T. Narejo

Article ID: 1232
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Abstract: The present work reports the length–weight relationships (LWR) and condition factor relationships for Labeo calbasu  collected from Upstream (Matyari) Kotri barrage at, River Indus, Pakistan, because stock assessment helps the fisheries managers to conserve the commercially important fish. Morphological characters of fish as well a...
Sehriban CEK-YALNIZ, Kamuran Umut YARAS

Article ID: 1354
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Abstract: This study was aimed to find a practical technique for isolation and culture spermatogonial stem cells from male brown trout ( Salmo trutta macrostigma ). Twelve wild juvenile male were obtained from Kılıç Trout Fish Farm (Kahramanmaraş, Turkey). The juveniles were taken alive to the aquaria unit and stored in a 1000-liter capacity fiberglass tank....