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Koel Bhattacharya Sanyal

Article ID: 1423
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Abstract: The study was carried out to find the prevalence and severity of Argulus sp. in Indian Major Carps (IMC) collected from Bhangore block of South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal during November’2018 to August’2019. The highest parasitic prevalence (PFI, 83.33%) had been recorded in the month of January and lowest (PFI, 9%) in the month of Augus...
Pilar Garcia-Jimenez, Marina Carrasco-Acosta, Sascha Hettmann

Article ID: 1464
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Abstract: This work analyzes bacterial communities present in evaporation ponds of solar salterns of Gran Canaria and reveals specific organisms through molecular techniques. Solar salterns are protected areas in Canary Islands where salt is produced from sea water by solar and wind powered evaporation. Salt was an important product for ancient islanders who used i...
Natalino da Costa Sousa, Márcia Valéria Silva do Couto, Peterson Emmanuel Guimarães Paixão, Estela dos Santos Medeiros, João Carlos Nunes de Souza, Francisco Alex Lima Barros, Carlos Alberto Martins Cordeiro

Article ID: 1569
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Abstract: This study evaluated the effect of enriched artemia nauplii with commercial probiotic for angelfish larvae determining productive performance, intestinal modulation and survival. Therefore, it experiment occurred in completely randomized design with five treatments (T1- 0.0, T2- 1.5, T3- 3.0, T4- 4.5 and T5- 6.0g of commercial probiotic) a...
Thelma A Aguilar-Rendón, José Juan Rendón-Herrera, Virginia Osuna-González, Erick Cristóbal Oñate González, Omar Domínguez-Domínguez, Nancy Claudia Saavedra-Sotelo

Article ID: 1685
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Abstract:The demand for shark fins in Asiatic markets has resulted in excessive increases in shark catches, even for species that may be under protection or subject to management. As such, it has been necessary to develop and promote monitoring efforts for exploited species and taxonomic groups in order to improve fishing management strategies for elasmobranchs. Iden...


Pramod Kumar Pandey, Biswajit Lahiri, Amitava Ghosh

Article ID: 1394
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Abstract: The issue of bycatch in fisheries sector has been a major concern for the marine biologists over few decades in terms of conservation of marine eco-system and sustainability of the fisheries sector and marine biodiversity. Bycatch generally include species of little commercial importance, which in most cases is dumped overboard either into...