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Attobrah Justice, Aboagye Emmanuel Mensah, Afrane Sandylove, Ampah Dankwa Jeffrey

Article ID: 2116
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Abstract: Waters off the coasts of West Africa are very rich with many different types of fish and marine life. Some species like sardines, tuna, mackerel, tilapia and shrimps are important to many local communities and economies in West Africa. However, the current overfishing of these fish affects the sustainability of fishery industry. Despite Ghana ratifying to...
Natalino da Costa Sousa, Arthur dos Santos da Silva, Keber Santos Costa Junior, Francisco Alex Lima Barros, Geisy Correa de Oliveira, Pedro Rodrigo Nery de Souza, Claudmilson Rodrigues de Mesquita, Bruna de jesus Santos, Alexander Damaceno Lima santos, Winnícius Muniz dos Santos Sá, Nayara Siqueira dos Santos, Márcia Valéria Silva do Couto

Article ID: 2254
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Abstract: Incorrect discard of oil used by fishing ship in the brazilian north region has become a common activity. Despite the possible hazard to the aquatic organisms, still missing scientific data about their toxicity. Thus, this study aimed to evaluate the stress and lethality caused by lubricant oil (FSAOLU) on fish Hyphessobrycon eques</em...
Dédé Okangny, Gabriel Hoinsoudé Segniagbeto, Délagnon Assou, Antoine Chikou, Elie Montchowui, Tona Kokou, Daniele Dendi, John E. Fa, Luca Luiselli, Philippe Lalèyè

Article ID: 2283
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Abstract: Pelagic fish, including sardines and anchovies (Order Clupeiformes), are the most common species taken by artisanal marine fisheries along the Togolese coast. We investigated fisher involvement as well as fish captures over a period of 10 years, particularly of the European anchovy ( Engraulis encrasicolus ). Our results indicate th...
Megan N. Moran, Thomas F. Schulz, Daniel Rittschof

Article ID: 2438
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Abstract: Atlantic blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus) are ecologically and commercially fundamental. Life stages are punctuated with migration. Adults and juveniles live in estuaries and sounds. Larval stages develop in the coastal ocean. Juvenile and adult crabs occupy habitats from high salinities to fresh water. We determined whether maturing juvenile and adult bl...


Mahibul Islam, Mahmudul Hasan, Bhaskar Chandra Majudmar, Sulav Indra Paul

Article ID: 1906
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Abstract: Plastic debris is an emerging environmental threat all over the world. But its effect and distribution in the marine ecosystem is barely known. Microplastics abundance in the marine vegetated area is about 2 to 3 times higher than the bare site in the ocean. Although seagrass meadows trap huge amount of microplastics over the ocean floor, a considerable a...