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Katrina L. Canon, Plutomeo M. Nieves, Antonino B. Mendoza Jr., John Christopher C. Nolial, Niño C. Celestial, Ronie O. Mediario, Raul G. Bradecina, Teresa N. Avila, Satoshi Kubota

Article ID: 3010
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Abstract: Anguillids are а valuable fish commodity worldwide. Although Anguilla luzonensis have been abundantly found in the northern Philippines and collected for trade, no available records show that it recruited in the midpart where Lagonoy Gulf, Bicol is situated. In this study, we investigated the occurrence of A. luzonensis in the tributaries ...
Shawon Ahmmed, Md. Latiful Islam, Mizanur Rahman Washim, Nilufa Begum

Article ID: 3240
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Abstract: Shrimp recognized as the white gold of Bangladesh because it is the second largest export earning product after garments sector. The brown shrimp ( M. monoceros ) have high growth rates together with that they tolerate  wide  ranges  of salinity  and environmental  parameters which makes  them  highly  attractive  for  culture purposes. The purpose...
Bindu Panicker

Article ID: 3253
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Abstract: Condition indices study like RNA content, DNA content, RNA: DNA, RNA: protein, RNA: lipid was carried out in goby, Parachaeturichthys ocellatus from the creeks of Mumbai to assess its nutritional status in different months. The study was carried out from June 2010 to September 2011.The range of RNA content in male was 72-185.6 µg/100 mg while in female wa...
Abhishek Bharadwaj R, Devi Prasad A.G

Article ID: 3270
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Abstract: The ichthyofaunal diversity is an excellent bio indicator of the status and health of aquatic ecosystems. The present study elucidates the ichthyofaunal diversity of Sasihithlu estuary in the west coast of Karnataka, India. The study was conducted from January 2019 to January 2020. Field explorations in estuary were undertaken on a monthly basis. A detail...
Ivaney dos Santos Cardoso, Elaine Vasconcelos Bezerra Alves, Leandro Lopes Rodrigues, Ana Célia Barbosa Guedes, Luã Caldas de Oliveira, Manoel Luciano Aviz de Quadros, Débora Tatyane Oliveira Xavier, Altevir Signor, Fabricio Nilo Lima da Silva

Article ID: 3290
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Abstract: The fishing and ostreiculture activities practiced in the coast of the Eastern Amazon in the state of Pará, Brazil, became important to be inserted in rural education. Thus, this literature review aimed to realize a brief theoretical discussion about the important aspects of rural education in promoting the development of fishing and osteiculture. For the...


Waluyo waluyo, Taslim Arifin

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Abstract: The distribution of lobsters in Indonesian waters is very wide, even lobster species in Indonesia are also scattered in the tropical waters of the western Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean, Africa to Japanese waters. Indonesian waters are divided into 11 (eleven) Fishery Management Zone (FMZ). Lobsters in Indonesia may come from various water areas, both na...