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Alexander Alexandrovich Victorov, Viacheslav Alexandrovich Kholodnov

Article ID: 1644
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Abstract: An original mathematical model, previously tested by the authors on other non-demographic objects, is proposed for describing and forecasting demographic systems — the population of the countries of the World using the examples of the USA, China and Russia, as well as the number of mice in the “mouse paradise” experiment of the American scientist John Cal...
Richard Kyung, Christie Sang-Eun Park

Article ID: 1824
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Abstract: The growing and evolving use  of emerging technology including Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Virtual Reality (VR),  has significantly impacted the lives of two specific groups—the elderly and the disabled.  This paper investigates potential reasons for this phenomenon.  Clearly, AI and VR Technology alters the everyday lives of people with disabilitie...
Zhijie Han, Baochu Wei, Chenghong Zhang, Hongtian Zhu, Lei Tang, Ruili Lin, Dian He, Yang ZHANG, Pingrong Yang, Junquan He, Pingshun Song

Article ID: 798
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Abstract: Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a complex fatal chronic neurodegenerative disease most common in elderly people. The early genome-wide association studies (GWAS) found that the minor allele variant of PARK16 rs708730 polymorphism is a significant protective factor for PD in Caucasian populations. However, these results cannot be repeated by the following stud...
Susanne Inez Steinberg, Robert Gallop

Article ID: 1840
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Abstract: Few studies examine the benefits from geriatric telepsychiatry in rural retirement communities.   Objectives: 1.  To demonstrate that using telepsychiatry a) standard approaches to psychiatric evaluation would yield diagnoses in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V); b. psychotherapies and pharmacotherapy c...