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Samira Olyani, Hadi Tehrani

Article ID: 3889
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Abstract: In last decade, COVID-19 outbreak was one of the major crises encountered the world(1). During the COVID-19 pandemic, Iranian people have been advised to stay at home and far away others. If it is essential to leave their residence, people have been urged to avoid gathering and maintain physical distance from others. Community disconnectedness for older a...

Case Report

Weisheng He, Mimi Zhou, Yue Chen

Article ID: 3472
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Abstract: It has been reported that a 92-year-old female had got a bruise superficial wound on her right leg one and a half years ago, developing into refractory skin ulcer due to improper management before. A prepared cream, mixed royal jelly with berberine for dressing change, was made on the scene through the crush of be...
Jianbo Hong, Mimi Zhou, Weisheng He, Yue Chen

Article ID: 3818
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Abstract: What methods would you choose apart from increasing sedatives for agitation in an advanced patient with hypercapnic encephalopathy due to AECOPD? This is a 94-year-old female who suffered from COPD for over 30 years, occurred with an accelerated episode of cough, productive sputum and a dropping down to 86% in Sat...


Alessandro Amorim Aita, Corina Satler, Henrique Salmazo Da silva, Isabelle Patriciá Freitas Soares Chariglione

Article ID: 3602
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Abstract: The maintenance of high cognitive performance in old age has increasingly become a public health interest due to associations between cognition, well-being, longevity, and autonomy. The objective of the research is to investigate cognitive, physical, and psychological trajectories of neurotypical older adults (NOA...
Patrícia de Castro Rodrigues, Julia Carvalho Galiano, Virginia Fernandes Moça Trevizani, Fania Cristina Santos

Article ID: 3663
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Abstract: Introduction: Locomotion is a determinant of intrinsic capacity of older people and can be limited by dysfunction in locomotory organs, characterizing Locomotive Syndrome (LoS). Knowledge on locomotive problems and sarcopenia, and their interface with quality of life, in the oldest old in the literature is scarce....