Seafood helped prehistoric people migrate out of Africa

A study has examined fossil reefs near to the now-submerged Red Sea shorelines that marked prehistoric migratory routes from Africa to Arabia. The findings suggest this coast offered the resources necessary to act as a gateway out of Africa during periods of little rainfall when other food sources were scarce.(University of York)  
Posted: 2020-06-17

Entire Roman city revealed without any digging

For the first time, archaeologists have succeeded in mapping a complete Roman city, Falerii Novi in Italy, using advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR), allowing them to reveal astonishing details while it remains deep underground. The technology could revolutionize our understanding of ancient settlements.(University of Cambridge)  
Posted: 2020-06-10

Reflecting sunlight to cool the planet will cause other global changes

Study finds reflecting sunlight to cool the planet will weaken extratropical storm tracks, causing other global changes.(Massachusetts Institute of Technology)  
Posted: 2020-06-04

Airborne science discovers complex geomorphic controls on Bornean forests

Using tree chemistry maps, high-resolution topography data, and computer models, researchers have uncovered new insights into the processes behind how life coevolved with our planet.(Arizona State University)  
Posted: 2020-05-28

South Asia faces increased threat of extreme heat, extreme pollution, study shows

Scientists know that extreme heat has a negative impact on the human body -- causing distress in the respiratory and cardiovascular systems -- and they know that extreme air pollution can also have serious effects. But as climate change impacts continue globally, how often will humans be threatened by both of those extremes when they occur simultaneously?(Texas A&M University)  
Posted: 2020-05-20

Climate change could reawaken Indian Ocean El Niño

Global warming is approaching a tipping point that during this century could reawaken an ancient climate pattern similar to El Niño in the Indian Ocean, new research has found.(University of Texas at Austin)  
Posted: 2020-05-13

Happy New Year!

Posted: 2019-12-31

JGR Volume 2, Issue 3 is now live!


We are pleased to announce that Volume 2, Issue 3 (2019) of Journal of Geographical Research has been published, and is currently available for download.

The process of collating and peer review for the next issue release has already begun.

If you have any manuscripts on hand that you are looking to have published with us, we would be glad to include it in the next issue. Moreover, if you know of any colleagues, or students under your direction who are looking to publish manuscripts, we would be glad to receive their manuscripts under your recommendation as well.

Posted: 2019-12-06

An ancient snake's cheekbone sheds light on evolution of modern snake skulls 100-million-year old legged snake fossil provides critical insight into how the heads of modern snakes evolved

The researchers examined a strikingly well-preserved fossil of the rear-limbed snake Najash rionegrina, found in Argentina. The study shows that nearly 100 million years ago, these legged snakes still had a cheekbone -- also known as a jugal bone -- that has all but disappeared in their modern descendants.(University of Alberta)  
Posted: 2019-11-22

The world is getting wetter, yet water may become less available for North America and Eurasia Plants will demand more water in the future making less water available for people

With climate change, plants of the future will consume more water than in the present day, leading to less water available for people living in North America and Eurasia, according to a new study. The research suggests a drier future despite anticipated precipitation increases for places like the United States and Europe, populous regions already facing water stresses.(Dartmouth College)  
Posted: 2019-11-15

What we can learn from Indigenous land management Lessons from first nations governance in environmental management

First Nations peoples' world view and connection to Country provide a rich source of knowledge and innovations for better land and water management policies when Indigenous decision-making is enacted, Australian researchers say. Incorporating the spirit and principles of Aboriginal people's appreciation and deep understanding of the landscape and its features has been overlooked or sidelined in the past - to the detriment of the environment, the report says.(Flinders University)  
Posted: 2019-11-08

Rising global temperatures influence California’s fire season

Posted: 2019-09-06 More...

South India’s Warrior Lords: The Telugus


The medieval legacy of Telugu warriors and peasants lives on.

Reprinted:By Akhilesh Pillalamarri;THE|DIPLOMAT 

Posted: 2019-08-30 More...

JGR Vol.2, Issue 1 is now live!


We are pleased to announce that Volume 2, Issue 1 (2019) of Journal of Geographical Research has been published, and is currently available for download.

Posted: 2019-08-08

Happy New Year

Posted: 2019-01-04

Happy Holidays!


Merry Christmas from Bilingual Publishing CO!

May the joy of the season fill your heart with goodwill and cheer. 

During this period of celebration, we hope you'll be able to enjoy this treasured time with those dear to your heart.

Posted: 2018-12-20

Celebrate the birth of the new journal Journal of Geographical Research

Article Processing Charge (APC) of Journal of Geographical Research Has Been Waived For its First 2 Issues  
Posted: 2018-11-15 More...
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