Prediction of Dissolved Oxygen and Study of Engineered Nanoparticles to Improve Water Quality

Kelly Chee (RISE-CRG Research Group, United States)
Richard Kyung (RISE-CRG Research Group, United States)


The lack of fresh water is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Increasing population and arid regions due to the temperature change limit the use of clean water. In this paper, Streeter-Phelps equation was used to find the levels of DO(Dissolved Oxygen) and the oxygen deficit which are the main criteria for the water body quality. Reaeration constants and deoxygenation coefficients were used to find how the DO and BOD(Biological Oxygen Demand) of the water bodies converge to equilibrium. Some pollutants cannot be removed from water efficiently via traditional water treatment. EDTA derivatives, owing to their engineered chemical properties, are also studied to be the potential metal ion chelator for enhancement of water quality. These molecules were tested for their thermodynamic stabilities, reactivities, and polarizations, and these characteristics are found to be important factors in selecting the most suitable chelator for metal ion chelation which is used for water quality control.


DO (Dissolved Oxygen);BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand);Aeration rate;Nanoparticles;EDTA;Chelates

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