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Marwan Ghaleb Ghanem, Wasim Ahmed, Sameer Shadeed, Michel Riksen

Article ID: 1974
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Abstract:A statistically representative questionnaire targeted people using rainwater harvesting (RWH) techniques in rural communities of Sarida catchment,West Bank, Palestine was distributed and analyzed. The main objective of this study is to assess the social, economic, and environmental impacts of adopting RWH techniques (e.g. cisterns, concrete and clay ponds, W...
Kelly Chee, Richard Kyung

Article ID: 1984
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Abstract:The lack of fresh water is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Increasing population and arid regions due to the temperature change limit the use of clean water. In this paper, Streeter-Phelps equation was used to find the levels of DO(Dissolved Oxygen) and the oxygen deficit which are the main criteria for the water body quality. Reaeration constant...
Safieh Javadinejad, Rebwar Dara, Forough Jafary

Article ID: 1997
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Abstract: Reuse of wastewater for agriculture and green spaces purposes is significant. A mean yearly precipitation in Esfahan is 150 mm. The drinking water and agriculture usually used underground resources in the city. Gray water recycling is known as a suitable option today. Delivering all the water requirements of a home from refined water...
Safieh Javadinejad, Rebwar Dara, Masoud Hussein Hamed, Mariwan Akram Hamah Saeed, Forough Jafary

Article ID: 2056
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Abstract: Isfahan industrial province with its numerous industrial estates in its area and consequently the amount of wastewater produced by these settlements is very difficult to deal with. Therefore, the need for proper wastewater treatment and efficient management of industrial waste water from the industrial estates of this provi...
Kabi Prasad Pokhrel

Article ID: 2143
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Abstract: The increasing challenges of pressure and ever-growing demands on limited resources in Nepal by diverse actors, land degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change require the rational use of land resources to sustain and enhance productivity and maintain resilient ecosystems for achieving the sustainable and efficient u...