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Shobha Shrestha

Article ID: 2160
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Abstract: The larger population in the middle mountain region of Nepal is dependenton spring for domestic water use. Availability and flow regularity of springs rely on groundwater recharge (GWR) potential which is attributed to various natural and human factors. The present study is an attempt to explore the GWR potential using GIS and Remote sensing (RS) method...
Kedar Dahal

Article ID: 2031
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Abstract: Several planning tools and approaches such as action plan, period plan,physical development plan have been applied for planned development for municipalities including other small and medium-sized towns of Nepal.Among them Integrated Urban Development Plan (IUDP) is the latest approach that focuses integrated sectoral development envisioning longterm spat...
Thomas Marambanyika, Shingirayi Sakarombe, Tatenda Musasa, Rameck Defe

Article ID: 2151
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Abstract: The research examines challenges and opportunities of biogas technology adoption to achieve sustainable household energy in Ward 4 of Domboshava communal area, Zimbabwe. The research adopted both qualitative and quantitative research techniques. A total of 65 questionnaires were randomly distributed to households using biogas. Purposive sampling technique...
Grigol Keshelava

Article ID: 2146
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Abstract: The object of this research is a “Bacchus” created in 1510-1515 by Leonardo da Vinci. By moving the detail of the painting, the map of North America is obtained, on which the present United States and Mexico are imprinted. The detail was drawn along the pale lines.   The map we have shown in the painting is almost identical...
Keshav Raj Dhakal

Article ID: 2144
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Abstract: Geography is an optional subject in the secondary schools in Nepal. This paper is an attempt to examine the challenges of using instructional materials in the geography classroom in community secondary schools in Kathmandu district of Bagmati Province. Geography teachers were selected by purposive sampling offering geography as an optional sub...