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Krishna Prasad Timalsina

Article ID: 2449
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Abstract: Increasing population and densification of the cities lead to increasing land value by the high demand of land for housing and other infrastructure developments are the reasons that tend to decreasing open spaces in Kathmandu Valley in general, and Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) in particular. Urban open space has been considered as a place that is acc...
Ajiere S, Diagi B. E, Edokpa D. O

Article ID: 2531
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Abstract: Rainfall and Temperature are important factors in agriculture especially in Nigeria where rain-fed agriculture is practiced extensively and agriculture contributes to food security and provides employment for urban and rural dwellers. Therefore, climate variability represents a major danger to agriculture by modifying the rainfall and temperature pattern,...
Owoeye J. O., Olasemojo O. R.

Article ID: 2576
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Abstract: This study examines the implication of household income composition on infrastructure maintenance in the residential core of Akure, Nigeria with a view to providing suggestive recommendations that will remedy identified problems in the research locale. With regards to this, an estimated of 1% research population, ...
John Manyimadin Kusimi, Bertha Ansaah Kusimi, Barnabas A. Amisigo

Article ID: 2596
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Abstract: Fluvial sediment transport data is a very important data for effective water resource management. However, acquiring this data is expensive and tedious hence sediment yield modeling has become an alternative approach in estimating river sediment yields. In Ghana, several sediment yield predicting models have been developed to estimate the sediment yields ...
Masoomeh Taheri Dehkordi, Alamdar Alian

Article ID: 2630
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Abstract: Humans are always effect to their surroundings, which makes it possible to create habitable environments and create habitat patterns that fit the surrounding environment. The interaction between human being and environment either in the form of human effect on the environment or the environment effect on the human, cannot be considered out of the environm...
Anwar Atta, Marwan Ghanem

Article ID: 2686
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Abstract: This study aims at determining the types of pollutants and their sources for the springs in the Natuf catchment/Palestine in addition to evaluating the socio-economic environmental impact on water utilization from residential people. Twelve spring water samples were collected for hydrochemical qualitative analyses of major and trace elements as well as mi...
Bryan J. Pesta, John G. R. Fuerst, Emil Kirkegaard

Article ID: 2765
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Abstract: Using a sample of ~3,100 U.S. counties, we tested geoclimatic explanations for why cognitive ability varies across geography. These models posit that geoclimatic factors will strongly predict cognitive ability across geography,even when a variety of common controls appear in the regression equations.Our results generally do not support UV radiation (UVR) ...


Diagi B. E., Edokpa D. O., Suzan Ajiere

Article ID: 2532
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Abstract: Climate change is already impacting on every aspect of man life on earth especially in the agricultural sectors of developing nations. In Nigeria, and indeed the world over, seasons are shifting, temperatures are rising, landscapes are changing and sea levels are rising. Extreme weather events like drought and flood are becoming more frequent and pronounc...