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João Guilherme da Costa Braga França, Isabela Kopperschmidt de Oliveira, Leise Kelli de Oliveira

Article ID: 5106
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Abstract: The recent events and constant global changes show the importance of rethinking city planning. In this context, the 15-Minute City concept got important as it brings people closer to activities and services, through short trips by active modes, being the key to a sustainable city. Based on this concept, this paper analysed the spatial accessibility of res...
Nwaerema P., Fred-Nwagwu W. F, Jiya Solomon, Dangana K.

Article ID: 4998
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Abstract: This study aims to investigate geo-referenced vehicular noise pollution in Port Harcourt metropolis of Rivers State, Nigeria. Three types of data were gathered for this study. Data from vehicular traffic noise were measured in decibel (dB) using Noise Dosimeter (ND); data from vehicular traffic counts were carried out by observing and counting traffic flo...

Articles (These articles belong to the Special Issue "Urbanization and integrated urban-rural development")

Meiling Hou, Xiaoyan Zhou, Ronghao Jiang

Article ID: 4996
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Abstract: The massive scale of new-generation rural-urban migrants in China has attracted extensive scholarly attention in recent years. While previous studies on China’s rural migrant workers focus on migrants’ individual settlement intentions, migrant’s family migration decision-making and the intergenerational differences between the old-generation migrants and ...
Xiaomeng Fu, Pei Zhang, Zhonghua Zhang

Article ID: 5074
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Abstract: China’s urbanization development has entered the “second half”, which is at a critical stage of transition from the middle stages to the mature stage. The metropolitan area formed by the mega-city radiating the development of surrounding cities and counties is an important spatial carrier of urbanization. The rural characteristic industry is the main path...