Playing Online Game Increase Aggressive Behaviour of High School Students on 4.0 Century in Papua

Agussalim A (Nursing School of Parepare, Makassar Health Polytechnic, Pare-Pare City, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia)
M. Natsir (Nursing School of Parepare, Makassar Health Polytechnic, Pare-Pare City, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia)
Sisilia Teresia Rosmala Dewi (School of Pharmacy, Makassar Health Polytechnic, Jalan Baji Gau Makassar, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia)
Sukatemin . (Nursing School of Nabire, Jayapura Health Polytechnic, Nabire City, Papua, Indonesia)
Fitria Setiawan (Academy Bakti Kemanusiaan Palang Merah Indonesia, Jalan Joe No 7, Kelurahan Lenteng Agung, Jakarta Selatan,Indonesia)
Anna Veronica Pont (Palu Health Polytechnic, Sulawesi Tengah, Indonesia)

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Introduction: Once the enormity of online games took over the attention of many teens and children so that it brought a big change. Aggressive behavior among adolescents especially high school students from year to year is increasing both in number and forms of aggressive behavior that is raised. Objectives: This study aims to determine the relationship between playing online games and aggressive behavior of high school students in Jayapura. Methods: The research method used was analytical research using cross sectional design. Study the relationship between two variables in a situation or group of objects using a simple linear regression statistical test. Result: The correlation effect of Length Playing Game Online with aggressively behavior of students in High School logistic test results obtained meaningful results where the value of p = 0, 00 <0.05. This means that there is an influence or relationship between the lengths of playing online games with the aggressive behavior of high school students. These results indicate that there is a positive relationship between the lengths of playing online games with the aggressive behavior of adolescents. This means that the old variable playing online games can be used as a trigger to predict the emergence of aggressive teenage behavior. The higher the length of playing online games, the higher the aggressive behavior of teenagers, conversely the lower the longer playing online games, the lower the aggressive behavior of teenagers.


Game online;Frequency;Duration;Level of attachment;Aggressive behavior

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