The Innovative Model of Family Education Guidance of Guiding First, then Supplementing and Further Solidifying

Jing Cai (Taizhou Radio and Television University)

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In the new era a new more effective family education model can ease unbalanced and inadequate education development. In the new era, parents look forward to a more personalized, active and interactive form of family education guidance. This new guidance model will start with improving behavior by focusing on emotional behavior and cognition. The Roast can ease parents' anxiety, lectures and reading groups can supplement parents' knowledge, and mutual discussion, vicarious practice and teaching others can solidify a scientific and effective family education behavior. The family education guidance model of "guiding first, then supplementing and further solidifying" focuses on the participation of parents in the whole process, which can improve the effectiveness of family education guidance.


Family Education Guidance; Emotional Guidance; Knowledge Supplement; Behavior Solidification

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