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Journal of International Education and Practice is devoted to the study and exploration of education, reading, curriculum research, education policy, sociology of education, and economics.

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Volume 5, Issue 2 (2022)

Table of Contents


Dia Gary

Article ID: 5070
Views - 66  (Abstract) PDF - 0  (Download)
Abstract: This research is to share qualitative data of one preservice teacher, and one early childhood entrepreneur, who educated young children in an exclusive outdoor preschool. The study was conducted in a rural community where most preschools were held in the traditional venue-inside. The Coronavirus-19 pandemic presented ...

Article ID: 5046
Views - 42  (Abstract) PDF - 24  (Download)
Abstract:Japanese strictly distinguish between inside and outside, that is, they have a strong sense of inside and outside. The character has penetrated the study and life of Japanese students. Living in a different cultural environment, Japanese students are more influenced by Internal and External Consciousness in cross-cultural communication. The purpose is to dra...
Mark Oursland, Marcia Snyder

Article ID: 5312
Views - 35  (Abstract) PDF - 7  (Download)
Abstract: Mathematics teachers know that most of their students are averse to patient problem solving. In this article a new method or perspective for posing engaging problems is explained. This method uses principles of STEM education to enable mathematics teachers to pose relevant real-world problems and facilitate student-initiated explorations that promote pati...
Diego Bernaschina

Article ID: 5038
Views - 12  (Abstract) PDF - 0  (Download)
Abstract: The present informal study of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in special education through media arts. There are deep inequalities in the access of new technological opportunities and adaptive user experiences for students with special learning needs. Our goal as teacher educators is to improve enhance autonomous learning using the compleme...



A special issue entitles “Environmental Impact on Early Years Learning, Development and Health”

It gives the Journal of International Education and Practice (JIEP) immense pleasure to announce that we have set up a Special Issue with Dr. Si Man Lei’s team (University of Macau) jointly and the launch of the Special Issue will be released in December 2022 and in December 2023 as well. The details are as follows:  
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