Measurement and clinical significance of gingival biotype in anterior teeth

Lan Li (Department of Stomatology, the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Xinjiang Medical University Urumqi)

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Abstract:The morphological characteristics of periodontal tissue and tooth tissue in gingival biotype are one of the indicators reflecting the individual differences of periodontal tissue in patients. Gingival biotypes of anterior teeth are often related to the prognosis of smile aesthetic treatment, which is one of the reference indexes for predicting the success rate of aesthetic treatment such as restoration, implant, periodontal, orthodontic and so on. Gingival biotypes have individual differences, so different gingival biotypes have different responses to different external stimuli. In the current clinical work, the correct evaluation of gingival biotype, especially the accurate measurement of gingival thickness, is the basis of reasonable choice of treatment and prognosis evaluation.


Anterior teeth, gingival biotype, gingival thickness

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