Analysis on the Special Prescriptions from the Book of Chengfang Qieyong

Kaiping Jiang (Department of Internal Medicine, Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Affiliated to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Foshan, 528000, China)
Xiaoyun Jian (Department of Internal Medicine, Foshan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Affiliated to Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Foshan, 528000, China)

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The kinds of special prescriptions in the book of Chengfang Qieyong cover a wide range of subjects such as internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and surgery, etc. These prescriptions have gathered the original discussions of doctors of all ages, condensed the author's own in-depth insights, and displayed the profound connotation of traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions or clinical efficacy characteristics. Guided by the function and categories of the original monograph, 26 prescriptions were integrated into seven categories, i.e.treating Qi and regulating Blood, nourishing and eliminating, exterior dispersing and dispelling cold, compromising and purging fire, drying dampness and expelling phlegm, fetal birth and baby, and carbuncle. Based on the characteristics of clinical efficacy, the connotation of legislative prescriptions, the modification of prescriptions and medicines, and the degree of decoction and prescription, etc, this paper analyzes the connotation of traditional Chinese medicine of these special prescriptions, and provides important reference for the research of modern prescriptions, the expansion of clinical application and the development of new drugs of traditional Chinese medicine.


Chengfang Qieyong;Prescriptions;Chinese pharmacy;Clinic effect;Drug development

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