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Alessandro S. Cavelzani, Martina Trinchieri, Maria Carlotta F. Gorio, Lucia Romeo

Article ID: 388
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Abstract: It’s becoming even more widely recognized from neurosciences, epigenetics, and clinical research on observation of infant-caregiver interaction that daily cumulated micro-traumatic experiences cause damages not only to one’s mental health and identity, but also to immune system, leading to metabolic, eating, sleeping, affective, behavioural, cognitive and...
Dmytro D. Ivanov, Ozar P. Mintser, Yuriy V. Voronenko, Larysa Yu. Babintseva

Article ID: 333
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Abstract: Existing examinations in postgraduate education and continuing medical education (CME) are not perfect. Modern assessment does not reflect disadvantages of older responders, for whom more time for reply is needed. Specialists with wide clinical experience may choose more than one correct answer in alternative questions. Reduced ability to remember in olde...
Zhenzhu Tang, Jianmei Jiang, Caihua Zhang

Article ID: 772
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Abstract: Bullous epidermal necrolysis drug eruption is mainly caused by drug allergy, also known as toxic epidermal necrolysis, TEN, first reported by Lyell A in 1956, also known as Lyell syndrome, is the most serious type of drug eruption, the fatality rate is about 25%-50% [1] . The disease is characterized by acute onset, obvious systemic toxic symptom...


Veronika A. Myasoedova, Dongwei Zhang, Reinhard Wetzker, Andrey V. Grechko, Alexander Nikolaevich Orekhov

Article ID: 184
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Abstract: Connexins family in humans consists of 21 highly conserved proteins that are responsible for contact formation between cells. On the cell surface, connexins form hemichannels, or connexons. Two hemichannels brought together form a gap junction, a form of intercellular contact that allows for direct transfer of material and signals between the adjacent cel...