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Jiming Ma, Yumei Li, Yonghong Zhang, Mengqi Li, Qiongxia Li

Article ID: 1874
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Abstract: O bjective   To understand the rate of cognition and protection of COVID-19 in a community in Hubei province.   Methods   The related knowledge, epidemic situation and self-protective measures of COVID-19 were investigated by mobile phone questionnaire among 836 people in a community in Hubei province.  <stro...
HanPing Huang

Article ID: 2217
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Abstract: To analyze the effect of locking compression plate on the success rate of operation and the time of postoperative recovery.Methods :120 patients with limb fractures from March 2018 to March 2020 were randomly divided into control group (60 cases) and observation group (60 cases). The control group was treated with plate screw internal fixation, The observ...
Lan Li

Article ID: 2235
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Abstract: Abstract: The morphological characteristics of periodontal tissue and tooth tissue in gingival biotype are one of the indicators reflecting the individual differences of periodontal tissue in patients. Gingival biotypes of anterior teeth are often related to the prognosis of smile aesthetic treatment, which is one of the reference indexes ...
Xiping Zhu

Article ID: 2237
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Abstract: To investigate the feasibility and clinical effect of laparoscopic choledochotomy for primary suture of bile duct. Methods: There were 190 cases of cholecystolithiasis with choledocholithiasis. They were randomly divided into endoscopic group and open group. In the endoscopic group ,87 patients underwent laparoscopic choledocholithotomy and primary bile d...


Xiangming Kong, Zeng Siqi Zhang

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Abstract: Human science and technology continue to advance over time. In the future, universal drugs will gradually fade out of our lives with the accumulation of time. With the advancement of genetic engineering, future genetic engineering drugs will be based on each difference and due to It differs from person to person, and the development of genetic engineering...