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Jing Wang

Article ID: 2955
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Abstract: To establish HPLC characteristic spectrum of Huoxiang (Herba Agastachis) Eliminating Summer-heat Soft Capsule. Chromatographic separation was performed on Tech Mate C18-ST (5 um, 4.6×250 nm) column by Agilent 1260 high performance liquid chromatograph, eluted with acetonitrile and 0.05% phosphoric acid in a gradient elution at a flow rate of 1.0 mL∙min-1....
Jozélio Freire de Carvalho

Article ID: 2992
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Abstract: The study is to describe a patient with urticarial lesions which was successfully treated with mindfulness and nutraceuticals. A 20-year-old female patient with an unmarked past medical history presented with diffuse pruritic urticarial lesions associated with breathless and severe fatigue, lasting for 5 months. The lesions covered all body, except palms ...
Yi Zhu, Yibo Wang, Fan Yang, Hao Yue

Article ID: 2755
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Abstract: The exploration of fracture internal fixation materials has been one of the research hotspots in the field of biomedical materials. The traditional internal fixation material for fracture is metal fixation. Although its mechanical strength is very large, it can not be degraded and absorbed in human body after implantation of human body or ...
C.P. Ong

Article ID: 3220
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Abstract: Qi-nurturing exercises like Taijiquan and Qigong produce significant changes in the body's emissions of electromagnetic energy, which evidence the science in Qi. Reviewing Qi in its functional forms of bioenergy brings scientific familiarity of the abstruse concept. The complexity of Qi transformations in the function of food breakdown and the formation o...
Lee Suan Chua, Nurhirza Shaiful Yamin

Article ID: 3287
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Abstract: Pueraria mirifica (PM) has traditionally been used to relieve postmenopausal symptoms. Recently, its extract has been developed into various cosmetic products to promote skin rejuvenation and youthfulness. This study investigated the phytochemicals of PM tuber and compared between the tuber flesh and its outer peel. Puerarin which is one of the major isof...
Letícia Dussarrat Brito Oliveira, Maria da Luz Rosário de Sousa, Maria Lúcia Bressiani Gil, Cássia Maria Grillo, Vera Lúcia Rasera Zotelli, Edson Shizuo Tanaka

Article ID: 3177
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Abstract: In the routine of dental care, complaints of burning sensation, burning tongue and dry mouth are frequent. Due to the complexity of etiology and diagnosis, treating patients with these sensations is a challenge for clinicians. This study aimed to assess acupuncture as an alternative therapy for patients with burning mouth syndro...


Kaiping Jiang, Xiaoyun Jian

Article ID: 3200
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Abstract: The kinds of special prescriptions in the book of Chengfang Qieyong cover a wide range of subjects such as internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics and surgery, etc. These prescriptions have gathered the original discussions of doctors of all ages, condensed the author's own in-depth insights, and displayed the profound connotation of tradit...

Case Report

Tsutomu Kitazawa, Kazuyuki Hiratani, Chan Hum Park, Takako Yokozawa

Article ID: 3230
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Abstract: Metabolic syndrome is the cluster of diseases, which is manifested by central obesity, impaired glucose tolerance, lipodystrophy, and high blood pressure. These metabolic syndrome-related traits significantly increase the risk of type 2 diabetes, adverse cardiac events, stroke, and hepatic steatosis. In the past decade, several organizations have proposed...