The Simulation on Dynamic of Rotary Inertia and Engine’s Inflamer in Light Vehicle

Run Xu (Gyeongsang National University, Metallurgical Engineering Department, Gyeongsang nam-do, Chinju, 52828, Korea)

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 According to formula we can simulate their driven force and acceleration. The mechanical formula is used to obtain dynamics is used to simulate. The driven force increases when torque increases and tire diameter decreases. We need torque to increase so this is our plan. Acceleration raises when torque raises and it reduces when its weight raises. With the decreasing of radius of road the centripetal acceleration is increasing in the condition of light vehicle. It is that it decreases sluggishly before 0.35m/s2 then it maintains a steep decline to 0.62m/s2 and at last becomes sluggish again. It is valued that the economical efficiency about consumed fuel under different power. In the time of 0.2hr the fuel inflamer inclines sharply first then turns stable. It is the smallest value. Beyond it the fuel maintains a high value all the time. The discharged pollution gas decreases with the decreasing initial temperature. The low initial temperature is good to fuel gas. Meantime the smallest incline range is 300~350K which explains that it is the most save one.


Simulation; Dynamic; Car; Rotary inertia; Centripetal & circular acceleration; Driven force; Torque;Consumed fuel; Engine’s inflamer

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